#ATM Hacking

Cyber-warrior experts have unearthed that to hack an ATM machine, all you need is a RM100 chip, technical expertise and a malware obtained over the Internet to hack Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)!
As a basis of the attack,the hacker knows with pre-assessment planning where the locks and connections are, the model of the machine, the level of security and the version of the operating system.
The main problem being due to lack of sophisticated encryption technology.
Absence of encryption technology such as the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI),is also a flaw.

‪#‎Tyupkin‬ Malware Hacking ATM Machines Worldwide
Specialized malware that targets ATM (Automated Teller Machine) systems to withdraw cash even without the need of a card, have been recently unearthed by kaspersky.
The new backdoor program, dubbed as “Tyupkin,” requires physical access to the ATM system running 32-bit Windows platforms and booting it off of a CD in order to install the malware.
TYUPKIN working :-
Hackers need to physically insert a bootable CD which installs the malware, with the backdoor
Once the machine is rebooted, the ATM is under the control of the intruder.
The sophisticated malware then runs in the background on an infinite loop awaiting a command from the attacker’s side.
When the session key with the made algorithm is entered,the ATM displays details of how much money is available in each cash records, apart from the available banknotes – the ATM dispenses a maximum of 40 at a time from the chosen cassett

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