Android Vs iOS – Which is more secure.

Most of the applications in our Smartphone like Snapchat , Flipkart, Facebook are manually downloaded by us.

Prior to their installation such apps always demand certain kind of permissions.

  • Access to Messages
  • GPS Location
  • Contacts
  • Call details
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • And many more


We users are left with no option other than to grant them the permission to access our personal data and hope that these gigantic companies will not exploit it.

So the question that arises here is that can we secure our mobile devices at all?
Yes – Use NOKIA 1100 – Still you may not be 100% secure.
Better idea! – “Stop using gadgets totally”
Usage of mobile phones and digital gadgets has never been safe.

We just need to retain this in our minds that we are HACKED!. Advisably hence avoid putting any confidential data in your mobile phones.

Finally lets talk about the post’s title – which operating system is more secure?

Personally , I consider iOS much more safer platform than Android. Android users have various stores from which they can download apps. Hence the chances of an unsourced application getting installed and remotely accessing our mobile phones is high.

iOS users on the other hand can only download apps from App Store, where all applications are fully vetted before  being made available. Hackers and security researchers have been trying hard to sell malware as an application in the APP Store but are repeatedly ineffective in front of the resilient and strong Apple INC. Security. App Store provides users with the certainty that the apps they download have been pretested by Apple.

However, you can’t say iOS is 100% secure. For instance take the incident of Charlie Miller, a security researcher who deliberately created a suspicious application and submitted it to Apple. Initially Apple approved the application; as a result the app produced  a bug in the iOS. Though Apple soon smelt the rat and suspended Charlie’s developer account for one year.

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