Owning mistakes carries a lot of weight. Kudos for transparency to Gitlab

It was a normal day for me, I reached at my work place and started working, As part of our job we put all our project code backups on Git.
We use Gitlab and Source tree to push our codes on Git.

As soon i tried to push my code it encountered an Internal Server Error. This error never encountered to me. So just for curiosity i went on the  Gitlab website to see whats wrong.

The website was down and it had a message saying

GitLab.com is currently offline due to issues with our production database.

We’re working hard to resolve the problem quickly. Follow GitLabStatus for the latest updates.


This looked to me like the website is down for some maintenance. So i went up to their twitter handle which they linked from the website.

After looking at the tweets that was something that caused trouble to me. Gitlab tweeted saying that they accidentally deleted production data


OMG! Wait What, You deleted all our project backups.

Gitlab said that
“We accidentally deleted production data and might have to restore from backup.” Relief for me that they have a backup.

But what inspired me the most is the transparency of Gitlab. Owning mistakes carries a lot of weight. Kudos for transparency! to Gitlab.

They were tweeting from their handle and keeping their users update about the Backup status. This is simply amazing.


Their transparency when bad happens, as it inevitably does, is admirable. They’ll get thru & keep me as a happy user.

They went one step ahead and Live streamed the whole backup process.

So keeping transparency with your users when something bad happens. Kudos to team Gitlab and we are with you.


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