Bucket List

Bucket List

And this list just keeps on increasing.

  1. Don’t talk at all for a day and use only sign language to communicate.
  2. Ride a horse on my own.
  3. Get my driving license.
  4. Go to the GYM.
  5. Go to KBC.
  6. Meet Superwoman aka Lilly Singh.
  7. Meet Atif Aslam.
  8. Spontaneously decide to go on a road trip.
  9. Convince someone who I can speak a particular language that I don’t actually know.
  10. Speak Bhojpuri  for a day.
  11. Crash a wedding.
  12. Visit Kerala.
  13. Ride a bike in Goa.
  14. Learn to swim.
  15. Get a girl to wear my clothes for a day.
  16. Update my Facebook status 5 times in a day.
  17. Wear black shirt and white pant.
  18. Buy a house in Mumbai.
  19. Visit my primary  school.
  20. Fly in a hot air balloon.
  21. Win a lucky draw.
  22. Sleep on the road.
  23.  Sleep for 24 hours straight.
  24. Smoke up a whole joint.
  25. Strike up a conversation with a stranger at a café.
  26. Develop something for the society.
  27. Write a functioning Web application in JavaScript.
  28. Code a real Website directly in HTML and CSS.
  29. Use a machine-learning technique.
  30. Fall in love.


It always seems impossible till it is done.

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