Steps to enhance Social Networking Sites (SNS) Security.. :)

social-media-security-riskHello friends…

Today no one having time to meet everyone personally…In such a world if something is there which connects people from one corner of the world to other than its Social Networking Sites. As Teens are always active on Social Networking Sites so they are majorily  focused by the  Attackers. Continue reading

Send & Receive Large Files Quickly

send large filesThe fact that your regular e-mail client doesn’t let you send/receive large files, files beyond a certain limit? Well, you’re not the only one. Don’t you always wish you had something, an online tool or a website for that matter that could help you send/receive large data with ease. After all breaking your data into little chunks when sending can be a daunting task. Here are websites that you should try it out. Continue reading

Reasons by which Websites Get Hacked Daily.

Dont-Get-Hacked1. Cross site scripting (XSS)
The problem: The “most prevalent and pernicious” Web application security vulnerability, XSS flaws happen when an application sends user data to a Web browser without first validating or encoding the content. This lets hackers execute malicious scripts in a browser, letting them hijack user sessions, deface Web sites, insert hostile content and conduct phishing and malware attacks.
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An app which can detect cancer

cancerAdvancements in technology never cease to amaze you,but the pic is a show stopper.

The app can scan moles and lesions to detect whether they are likely to become malignant. Its developers at the University of Houston say it has an 85% accuracy rate.

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German Agent Suspected of Spying for US: Reports

BERLIN – An employee of Germany’s foreign intelligence service is suspected of spying for Washington on a parliamentary panel probing US surveillance, media reports said Friday.

The federal prosecutor general confirmed that a 31-year-old German was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of acting for a foreign intelligence service, without specifying which one.

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What is Information Security?

information securityInformation security, which most people know as ‘cyber’ security, is hard to sum up in just a few sentences (or even a paragraph). The textbook definition is ‘maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets’, but in the real world this requires skill in a wide range of specialist areas: cryptography, network architecture and engineering, secure coding and software development, penetration testing, intelligence, threat assessment, and management, to name just a few.

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Google HacKing..!!

How to HACK using Google?
As we all know about the Google Search Engine. The Most powerful search engine for if nowe.  As talking about he working of the Google, It crawl the whole Web at regular intervals of time,  and even try to index the keywords basically indexing means reading and remembering or storing for future refrence.  for more about Google crawling u read refer Googlebot.

In this post, you will find the information on how to use Google for exploiting security vulnerabilities that exists within many websites.

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