Indian Banks Upgrading ATM’s To Bharat Operating System Solutions (BOSS GNU/Linux)


As Microsoft have announced the dead end of the its most popular operating system “Windows XP” on 8th April. This means Microsoft will not provide any security updates from the date.
As we all know that almost all the ATM’s use Window Xp, and with the no further security updates makes it more in danger zone. As it is connected with internet connection 24*7, which is also a invitation for all cyber hackers. This is getting big issue as there are tonnes of ATM Machine all over the world and hacker got tonnes of target.
Every sec, ATM is used by users all over the world and about hundreds and thousands of transaction done in a minutes. So with this, it is a high risk of security.
Many of the banks have managed to pay some of the amount for the updates of Windows Xp, but except India. India is going to change its ATM platform from Windows to Linux. India is applying is own developed Linux operating system “BOSS” (Bharat Operating System Solutions) for ATM’s which is an open source and free of cost.

Developer of BOSS operating system says that its is not vulnerable as like Windows Xp. There are about 115,000 ATM’s across the country but the end of Windows XP will not make the much effect as they’re prepare to transfer the ATM’s to linux when Microsoft will end its Windows XP support.
Well, moving to Linux is better choice, as it is open source and not much vulnerable also. But the main thing is that Linux have Command line  interface, and many of the users in India are unaware about Linux, so in this matter, “Will it create problem to users?” Or “They will make is user friendly as with the GUI interface. As we have seen the interface of BOSS OS, its having GUI interface, and may the same will apply on ATM machine also.